Summer Adventures with Your Pet

Must-Have Essentials for Safe and Fun Travels

Summer is the perfect time to embark on adventures with your furry friends! Whether you’re planning a road trip, a beach day, or a hike in the hills, it’s crucial to be prepared. Ensuring your dog, puppy, cat or kittens safety and comfort can make your summer escapades memorable for all the right reasons. Let’s dive into the must-have summer essentials for your pet-friendly adventures! 🌞🐶🐱

kenzo wearing a seat belt
Kenzo wearing Dino Races for Pipkin and Bella

Adjustable Harness for Safety and Comfort

First things first, safety comes before everything else. An adjustable dog harness or cat harness is a must-have. Unlike collars, adjustable harnesses distribute pressure more evenly across your pet's body, reducing the risk of injury.

  • For Dogs: Look for an adjustable dog harness or pup harness that is breathable and padded to keep your pup cool and comfortable. Adjustable straps on the neck and chest ensure a snug fit, preventing your dog from slipping out and making it easier to control during walks.
  • For Cats: Yes, even cats can benefit from adjustable cat harness! Adjustable cat harnesses are designed to fit snugly without being too tight, they should also be breathable and padded giving your feline friend the comfort and freedom to explore safely.

At Pipkin and Bella, our range of adjustable harnesses combines safety and style, ensuring your pet looks fabulous while staying secure.

Seat Belts for Safe Travelling

When hitting the road, it’s vital to ensure your pet is secure. Pet seat belts are a game-changer for car travel, keeping your furry friend safe in case of sudden stops or accidents.

  • Dog Seat Belts: These typically clip onto your dog’s adjustable harness, preventing them from roaming around the car. They also minimise the risk of distraction for the driver.
  • Cat Seat Belts: Cats are usually more comfortable in carriers, but you must secure the carrier with a seat belt to keep it in place. Cat seat belts can clip to the adjustable harness, allowing your kitty some movement while staying safe.

Never clip a seat belt to a collar, if the vehicle was to stop suddenly you could seriously injure your pet.

For UK pet owners you are required by law to have your pet restrained: The Highway Code, under Rule 57, states that dogs or other animals must be suitably restrained so they can’t distract you while you’re driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly. Ignoring these laws for dogs in cars can result in penalties, including a fine of up to £5,000, points on your licence, and even court appearances.

Outside of the UK always check your local countries rules regarding travel with a pet.

Properly securing your pet while driving not only keeps them safe but also ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable journey for everyone.

At Pipkin and Bella, our range of seatbelts are available in many designs.

Portable Water Bowls and Hydration

Hydration is always key but more so during summer outings. Carry a portable water bowl and plenty of fresh water for your pet.

  • Collapsible Bowls: These are lightweight and easy to pack. You can quickly pop them open when your pet needs a drink.
  • Water Bottles with Built-in Bowls: These convenient options make it easy to offer water to your pet on the go, without needing a separate bowl.

Regular hydration helps prevent heatstroke and keeps your pet feeling their best.

Sunscreen for Pets

Just like humans, pets can get sunburnt too, especially those with short or light-coloured fur. Pet-safe sunscreen is essential for protecting your pet’s skin during outdoor activities.

  • Application: Focus on areas with less fur, like the nose, ears, belly, and any other exposed skin.
  • Avoid Human Sunscreen: Ingredients in human sunscreen can be toxic to pets, so always choose products specifically designed for animals.

Cooling Mats and Bandanas

Keeping your pet cool is crucial in the summer heat. Cooling mats and bandanas are excellent accessories for regulating your pet’s body temperature.

  • Cooling Mats: These provide a cool surface for your pet to lie on. They’re especially useful during car rides or after a vigorous play session.
  • Cooling Bandanas: Soak these bandanas in water and tie them around your pet’s neck. They help lower your pet’s body temperature and add a cute touch to their summer look.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen, so having a pet first aid kit is a smart move. Your kit should include:

  • Bandages and gauze
  • Antiseptic wipes and solutions
  • Tweezers for removing splinters or ticks
  • A digital thermometer
  • Your pet’s medical records and emergency contact numbers

Being prepared with a first aid kit can make a big difference in handling minor injuries or emergencies promptly.

Comfortable and Safe Footwear

Hot pavements and rough terrains can be harsh on your pet’s paws. Protective booties or paw balm can help keep their feet safe.

  • Booties: These provide a barrier against hot surfaces, sharp objects, and rough terrain.
  • Paw Balm: Apply this to your pet’s paws to protect them from the heat and to moisturise dry or cracked pads.

At Pipkin and Bella, our nose and paw balms are perfect for keeping your pet’s feet in tip-top shape during summer adventures.

Identification Tags and Microchips

Despite all precautions, pets can sometimes get lost. Ensuring your pet has an up-to-date identification tag and is microchipped increases the chances of a happy reunion.

  • ID Tags: Include your pet’s name, your phone number, and any essential medical information.
  • Microchips: Ensure your contact information is current in the microchip registry.

UK: it is a legal requirement for all dogs and puppies to be microchipped, and at the time of writing this blog for cats in England must be microchipped as well, you can be fined if they are not chipped. 

Pet charities are calling on the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland to mandate microchipping of cats as well.

Healthy Treats and Snacks

Adventures require energy, and healthy treats can keep your pet fuelled throughout the day. Opt for treats that are:

  • Low in calories but high in nutrition
  • Easy to carry and non-perishable
  • Suitable for your pet’s dietary needs

Treats can also be used to reward good behaviour, making your adventures more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Toys and Entertainment

Long trips can get boring for your pet. Bringing along their favourite toys can keep them entertained and reduce anxiety.

  • Interactive Toys: Puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys are great for keeping your pet occupied.
  • Chew Toys: These are perfect for dogs, helping to relieve stress and prevent boredom.

Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations

Finally, plan your destinations with your pet in mind. Look for pet-friendly parks, beaches, and hiking trails. Make sure to check the local regulations regarding pets and follow them to ensure a smooth and enjoyable outing.


Summer adventures with your dog or cat can be incredibly rewarding with the right preparation. By equipping yourself with these essentials, you’ll ensure your pet’s safety, comfort, and happiness during your travels.

At Pipkin and Bella, we’re passionate about providing stylish and safe pet wearables and accessories, making your summer adventures even more special. So gear up, pack these essentials, and get ready to make unforgettable memories with your furry friend! 🌞🐾

Happy adventuring! 🚗🌴🌊

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