Since Pipkin and Bella's started, it's been about more than just pet products – it's about compassion, community, and lending a paw to those in need. 

Every June, we kick off a mission to spread kindness by teaming up with two awesome charities for the year ahead. These partnerships mean a lot to us, as they let us channel 15% of our website sales to make a real impact.

For 2023/2024 our chosen charity pals are:

🐾 Veterans With Dogs - Empowering veterans with specially trained canine companions. The bond is incredible, and we're proud to help.

🐝 Bumble Bee Conservation - These tiny bees are ecosystem heroes. By partnering with this initiative, we're helping preserve these vital creatures and their environment.

We believe every act of kindness, big or small, creates positive change. You can join us by donating or volunteering:

🔗 Veterans With Dogs:

🔗 Bumble Bee Conservation:

Big thanks to our awesome community. Your support makes our helping paw go further. Let's make a real impact together! 🐶🐱

Below are the charities that we have supported for the past few years along with links to their websites, they will appreciate anything that you are able to offer ❤️

Veterans with Dogs

Empowering veterans with trained companions.

2023 / 2024

Bumble Bee Conservation

Helping preserve bees and their environment.

2023 / 2024

Babworth Bark

Rescue and rehome of abandonded cats & dogs.


Stray Cat Rescue

Rescue and rehome of stray or abandoned cats.


Cavaliers in Need N.I

Rescue and rehome of abandoned dogs.

2022 / 2023


Caring for pets whose owners can’t afford vet care.

2022 / 2023


Planting trees worldwide

2022 / 2023