We have been lucky enough to receive recognition, nominations, and awards over the past few years from the pet industry🏅🐕🐈

Our journey in serving and caring for our furry friends has been an incredible one, and being acknowledged for our efforts is truly heart warming. The pet industry is filled with passionate individuals some of who have become close friends and supporters, making these accolades even more special to a small business like ourselves.

To be recognised among such talented peers is an honour in itself. Each nomination is a nod to the dedication and hard work we put in every day to provide top-notch products and customer service that benefit our four-legged companions and their owners. 

We don't have a team of staff here, we are a very small family business that pulls together to get a good job done! Receiving awards in the pet industry serves as a motivation to continuously improve and innovate.

Our commitment to enhancing the lives of pets and strengthening the bond between pets and their families remains steadfast. These awards fuel our drive to explore new avenues and raise the bar even higher.

We of course couldn't have achieved any nomination or award without the unwavering support of our loyal customers, and our brand reps as well as the trust that the pet community has placed in us. Your faith in our mission inspires us to keep pushing boundaries and creating a positive impact in the lives of pets.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here's to more wagging tails, purring kitties, and heart warming moments shared with our beloved pets! 🐾🏆