Pet Wearables Disclaimer

Before embarking on your shopping journey at Pipkin and Bella, please take a few moments to review some important information on items you purchase for your pet (dog & cat):

Fit: Ensuring that the selected items are suitable and fit well rests with the customer or the pet owner. Please measure accurately to avoid discomfort.

Size Chart: Refer to our size chart for each product to make informed choices and guarantee the perfect fit.

Wear and Tear: While our products are durable, they are not indestructible. Regularly check for signs of wear and tear and retire items that show any compromise in safety.

Everyday Use: Pipkin and Bellas products are designed for regular use. However, if your dog or cat tends to be boisterous or has a habit of pulling excessively, anticipate a shorter lifespan for the items. We regret that we cannot refund or replace items damaged due to misuse.

Care Instructions: Maintain the quality of our wearables by washing them in cool or warm water. If machine washing, limit it to a quick cycle (less than 20 minutes) and use a wash bag to protect buckles and clips.

Legal Disclaimer: Pipkin and Bella do not assume liability for the use or misuse of our products. Customers are encouraged to use them responsibly and in accordance with our guidelines.

We appreciate your understanding and hope you and your pets enjoy our products responsibly.


Updated 20/01/2024