Adjustable Dog Harness and Adjustable Cat Harness Collections

Introducing our fabulous new adjustable dog harness and adjustable cat harness collections

We are thrilled to unveil our latest adjustable dog harness and adjustable cat harness collections, featuring a delightful array of products designed to pamper your furry friends in style and comfort. From charming floral patterns to sophisticated checked designs , our Meadow, Twilight, Aurora, and Blossom adjustable dog harness and cat harness collections are sure to capture the hearts of dog and cat owners alike.


In addition to our signature adjustable dog harness and adjustable cat harness, padded collars , and padded handle leads , our collections also include a range of accessories to spoil your pet and you. From  scrunchies  to  poop bag holders  and  blankets  , we've got everything you need to ensure your furry friend is the envy of the dog park.


Available in sizes XXS to Large the collections will have something to suit puppies, kittens, dogs and cats of all ages, sizes and breeds 

Meadow Collection

Meadow Collection  : Embrace the beauty of nature with our Meadow collection, featuring a stunning flowered pattern in enchanting Pantone colours. Your pet will feel like they're frolicking in a meadow of blooms with this whimsical design. Featuring Little Boy Blue, Nautical Blue, Peach, and Ivory colours the Meadow   Adjustable Dog Harness   and   Adjustable Cat Harness   are accompanied by matching   fabric leads  ,    collars   bow ties   sailor bows  , and   reversible bandanas  . Let your pet strut their stuff in style with this blooming collection!

Aurora Collection

Aurora Collection  : Indulge your pet's sense of fashion with our Aurora collection, featuring a captivating flowered pattern in Pantone colours that pop. Featuring Aurora Pink, Bermuda, Peach, and Ivory colours the Aurora   Adjustable Dog Harness   and   Adjustable Cat Harness   are adorned with matching hardware in Aurora Pink for a perfectly coordinated look. Complete the ensemble with   fabric leads   collars   bow ties   sailor bows  ,  and   reversible bandanas   for a truly paw-some style statement.

Twilight Collection

Twilight Collection  : For a touch of elegance and sophistication, look no further than our Twilight collection. With a sophisticated checked pattern in the same charming colours as Meadow, Twilight   Adjustable Dog Harness   and   Adjustable Cat Harness   add a touch of timeless class to any pet's wardrobe. Paired with matching accessories, including   fabric leads   collars   bow ties   sailor bows  , and   reversible bandanas  , the Twilight collection ensures your pet will always step out in style, day or night.

Blossom Collection

Blossom Collection  : Celebrate the beauty of spring year-round with our Blossom collection, boasting a delightful flowered pattern in the same Pantone colours as the Aurora design. With hardware matched in Aurora Pink, the Blossom   Adjustable Dog Harness   and   Adjustable Cat Harness   radiates charm and elegance. Complement your pet's look with coordinating accessories, including   fabric leads  ,    collars   bow ties   sailor bows  , and   reversible bandanas  , for a pet ensemble that's as chic as it is cosy.


At Pipkin and Bella, we're passionate about providing comfortable, safe, and stylish pet wearables that reflect your pet's unique personality. Our Meadow, Twilight, Aurora, and Blossom collections are the epitome of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship , ensuring that your furry friend looks and feels their best wherever they go.

Treat your pet to the ultimate in style and comfort with our Meadow, Twilight, Aurora, and Blossom collections. Shop now and let your pet's personality shine! 🐾✨

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